Dan Wetzel, Alaska

When I came to Alaska in 1967, nature travel meant lacing my moosehide mukluks to five-foot-long snowshoes so I could break trail for my dog team. Since then, well-honed wilderness skills have given me a solid foundation so adventurous, curious people can see wildlife and experience wilderness safely while learning about life in the Far North. As a licensed professional Alaska guide, I have guided nature photographers from Holland, birdwatchers from Japan, families from California and national wildlife advocacy tours like “Alaska, too wild to waste.”

As a wildlife biologist, I have worked in field research studying polar bears at the Arctic Research Lab in Pt. Barrow, grizzly bears in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, dall sheep near Denali Park and moose at the Kenai Research Center.

As an educator, I rely on my interpretive skills and solid foundation of accurate and understandable science. Graduate studies in science teaching, K-12 curriculum, STEM education, climate change, ecosystem geography and arctic ecology have fostered better learning experiences and conservation practices for Alaska’s visitors, young and old.

As a certified interpretive Alaska naturalist, I have created and led educational and adventure field tours for natural history and science museums, nature centers, Audubon groups and written wildlife field guides for Denali Park visitors.

As a wilderness guide, I have navigated the Arctic Ocean with Inupiaq hunters, saddled my horses for geologists on the Arctic Divide, directed documentary nature films crews along the Dalton Highway and led sled dog mushing expeditions.

As an Alaskan, I remember the early years when my wilderness lead dog, Kusko, kept the dog team and me safe on arctic trails through 50-below zero nights. After Kusko, I raised a happy sled dog pup I named Elmer. Elmer earned the coveted “Golden Harness Award” as the leader of two winning teams in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Kusko’s toughness and Elmer’s enthusiasm have been important, enduring role models. Now, it is your turn to come North with me and share the adventure and rewards of your personal connection to the wildlife, wilderness, people…and sled dogs, of Alaska.

Nature Alaska, LLC , is solely owned and operated by Dan L. Wetzel. Nature Alaska is fully insured and registered with the State of Alaska, and operates under permits and licenses with multiple state and federal agencies.

 & Affiliations:

• Alaska Geological Society
• Alaska Science Teachers Association
• Arctic Institute of North America
• American Geophysical Union
• Int’l Assoc. of Bear Research and Management
• National Association for Interpretation
• The International Ecotourism Society
• North American Nature Photographers Assoc.
Society for Conservation Biology
The Wildlife Society